Hey all! This is Gautam Agarwal , a computer science enthusiast, a web developer, graphic designer, and video editor. My interest in computer science first developed when I was gifted a PlayStation by my uncle. Since then, I have done Web development, application development, graphic designing and video editing courses from various renowned institutions like, a web development and application development course from a start-up at IIM Bangalore (My Captain) where I developed a calculator as well as a chatting application. I hold various internships with esteemed companies like, the Smart Bridge, Hyderabad and SRM Techsol, Lucknow, where I have worked on application development and graphic designing projects. I have also catered my services as a video editor to Talha Society, Ummeed NGO, Rotary Club, MUN platforms etc. I am also acquainted with AI and created a model for effective ECG classification, a web application to facilitate navigation and enable predicted assessment. Developing computational thinking through a CS program I seek to create and design applications in game design, digital entertainment and AI.