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Technology has become permeable and so have we. In this city of naive illusions we are virtually real. Technology whispers to us and we speak to you out loud. We have a team of ravenous monomaniacs who not only  devour projects but also challenge the technical spectrum. Our GUI (Graphical user interface) is client friendly. We transcend the current modes of data assimilation and employ simulations analysis of the content. We cross-pollinate ingenuity and knowledge to create our  products which will cater to your needs. Embrace us today to unleash your abundance tomorrow. So, how about a leap of faith?

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shrey srivastava, Co-founder

Shrey Srivastava

Founding Director

Gautam Agarwal

Founding Director

Batul Rizvi

Content Developer

Dr. Puru Vatsa

Company Advisor

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